Daze like Today……..



Taking it one day at a time…sometimes one second at a time. Battling addiction alone is impossible, we need positive connections with people who have been there in the bottomless pits of addiction. My recovery has given me the motivation to start a movement and build an army to fight this epidemic. My site isn’t just about my experiences and daily struggles as an addict in recovery; “Daze of an Addict,” serves the purpose to allow others to share their stories. It is a place of hope for those still out there fighting to get sober. Together we can build a community of survivors and warriors simply by supporting and sharing our stories of our battles and victories.  We can help the addicts still suffering or the mother trying to understand her son or daughters battle with a disease more powerful than the love for their own children. Also, lets honor our sisters and brothers who lost their battle to addiction.  Follow me on this journey to save lives and break the cycle of addiction.  You may contact me at anytime if you wish to share your story as a contributor on my site simply by leaving me your email address and I will send an invite with detailed instructions; also if you would like to have your friend or family member who have passed away due to addiction to be honored and remembered on my “Fallen Warriors of Addiction” page please go to the Facebook link on my home page.

      ♥  In Loving Memory ♥

                             Shawn Potts 09/01/15                  Heather Potts 03/19/18                                    

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